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Film lover. Wanderluster. Road trip maniac. Californian. Momma of a sweet little boy. Home cooked meals. Wine all the time. Small wedding enthusiast. I am not in love with love, but in love with the beauty connecting with people and the story a film can tell. I love super 8mm wedding video for it's magical ability of awakening your sensory memories of one of the most important moments of your life. 

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Why film? Because its real. It has this innate rich depth to it - the colors and textures adds to the narrative of your day.

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For more information on our super 8mm wedding film packages, please contact us below.

We use Canon for super 8mm & 16mm work. For still photography we use Hasselblad + Nikon systems. 

Included in all our packages is a USB drive of the day including your little movie and a set of prints of the film shots

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Our restless feet and tireless wanderlust has taken us to some pretty amazing places. If you are thinking about gettin' hitched in any of these dream places -we have discounted packages for you

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